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(Theory of Inventive Problem Solving)

Training & Workshop, 

Level 1 Certification Program
Baku, Azerbaijan

          Participants from Turkey and Georgia can also apply to the Training Program              

TRIZ Training & Workshop, Level 1 Certification Program

Training Objectives and Structure

  • The objective of this training & workshop is to radically improve innovation effectiveness of the company's employees – managers, engineers, and scientists

  • The training agenda is structured to create a balanced combination of theoretical knowledge about selected analytical- and problem-solving tools and practical skills sufficient for effective application of these tools. For this purpose, the workshop includes lectures and hands-on practice using GEN TRIZ proprietary software “Innovation Navigator”.

  • To stabilize methodological knowledge and skills, the workshop includes a post-training semi-virtual facilitation session, where participants will discuss with trainers all issues relating to innovation projects and methodology

  • Additional training tools: training presentation, handouts, manuals

  • As a result of the workshop participants will undergo a test in order to be certified on Level 1 TRIZ Certification by the International TRIZ Association (MATRIZ)


The course is delivered using a combination of lecture materials and interactive facilitated hands-on practice.

Participants will analyze and solve their own real practical problems using “Innovation Navigator” software


Workshop: 32 hours (4 days)

Semi-virtual facilitation session (one facilitator in situ and another via Skype): 2-4 hours (2-4 weeks after the workshop)

Training Language:



Bachelor degree

Who should attend:

This course is appropriate for Engineers, Researchers, R&D managers, Product Development Managers, Production Experts and Top,  and Mid-Level Managers.













Topics and Training Program:

  • Introduction

  • Main Parameters of Value (MPVs)

  • Function Analysis for Products (FA)

  • Cause Effect-Chains Analysis (CECA)

  • Trimming for Products

  • Resolving Engineering Contradictions

  • Resolving Physical Contradictions


Level 1 TRIZ Certification by MATRIZ*

*MATRIZ is The International TRIZ Association

Participation Fee:

2500 AZN / per trainee

Fee Includes:

4-day Training  & Workshop

Training Materials

Semi-virtual Facilitation Session (after training)

Level 1 TRIZ Certificate

"Innovation Navigator"  Software License (to the 5 highest results at the certification exam)

Coffee Breaks

Payment Method:

Fees are accepted by bank transfer.

Bank Details:

  • Company: KUTVAN MMC

  • TIN:  1301977051

  • Bank account: AZO3UBAZ04368785340030AZN001


  • Code: 507666

  • TIN: 1300017201

  • Corr. account: AZ46NABZ0R350T00000000015944


  • Company: KUTVAN MMC

  • Bank account: AZ40UBAZ04368785340130USD001



  • Corr. account: 70-55.024.541/001

  • Corr. bank: RAIFFEISEN BANK INTERNATIONAL AG, Vienna, Austria


  • Hesap No: 44906822

  • IBAN: TR22 0006 7010 0000 0044 9068 22

  • Bank: YapıKredi Bankası, Sarıyer Şubesi (123)

A. Lyubormiskiy.jpg


TRIZ Master, Chief Scientific Officer at GEN TRIZ

Mr. Lyubomirskiy is a certified TRIZ Master. He was presented this certification by the founder of TRIZ, Genrich Altshuller. He is the author of over 15 patents and numerous academic articles.

Mr. Lyubomirskiy is a leading GEN TRIZ innovation expert and project facilitator in the application of GEN TRIZ's proprietary methodology. He has conducted hundreds of GEN TRIZ methodology workshops for Fortune 1000 clients including General Electric, Intel, Procter & Gamble, Siemens, and Wrigley. He has also made important contributions to the development of GEN TRIZ's methodology tools, including Evolutionary Trends, S-Curve Analysis, and Innovation Planning.

Mr. Lyubomirskiy is a member of the Expert Council of the International TRIZ Association (MATRIZ),

the R&D Council of MATRIZ, the TRIZ Journal Editorial Board, and the Altshuller's Institute.

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