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Research Paper; 2021

Innovation Culture

Turkey-Azerbaijan Comperative Innovation Culture Research

Project design and leader:

Prof. Dr. Ali B. Kutvan

Undoubtedly, innovation is one of the most popular concepts in the academic world as well as in the business and economic world of recent years. When we look at the developments and structural changes in the world economy in the last 20-30 years, we can easily see how important innovation-based development models are both at the institutional level and at the national level. In this context, in parallel with the developments in various countries of the world, we see various policies and practices produced in order to establish and develop an innovation ecosystem both in Turkey and Azerbaijan. Especially in Azerbaijan, the sharp fall in oil and natural gas prices in the world markets in 2015 prompted Azerbaijan to develop non-oil industries. In this context, we see formations such as technopark and science park among the policies and strategies produced. Similar structures have been created in Turkey in the last 20-25 years and have prioritized the production of technology and science. The aim of this study is to determine comparatively whether the enterprises have a cultural climate (innovation culture) that supports innovation in terms of both countries. It has been tried to determine what the deficiencies and inadequacies are by determining the cultural elements of a sustainable innovation-based development through the research findings and by relative comparison.

In the 2022, an article by Prof. Dr. Ali B. Kutvan, Chairman of the Management Board of the Innovation Management and TRIZ Institute, was published in the 2nd issue of the "Sema - Sky" magazine of the National Aviation Academy of Azerbaijan,



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In the 2023, an article namely "We are at war with nature, if we win, we'll lose" by Dr. Ali B. Kutvan and Ilgar Aslan, was published in the conference proceedings of the 18th International Strategic Management Conference.



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