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ABOUT TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving)

TRIZ stands for Теория Решения Изобретательских Задач, which can be translated into English approximately as the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving. TRIZ is regarded today as the most comprehensive, systematically adjusted invention knowledge and creative thinking methodology. According to TRIZ, problem-solving can be approached in a systematic and structured way, rather than relying on “Trial and Error” or the experience of individuals. 

Modern TRIZ is a large body of knowledge, which is a combination of a theory of inventive problem solving from all areas and systems evolution, analytical tools and methods for problem-solving and analysis, collections of patterns of solutions.


  • A significant increase in creative productivity; 

  • Rapid acceleration in the generating of inventive and innovative solutions;

  • Creative phases of innovation and even invention, with knowledge-based systematic support.

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