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A mutual memorandum was signed between the Innovation Management and TRIZ Institute (IMTI) and Gebze Organized Industrial Zone (GOSB) Technopark

On July 31, 2023, a mutual memorandum was signed between the Innovation Management and TRIZ Institute (IMTI) and Gebze Organized Industrial Zone (GOSB) Technopark on joint implementation of science-innovation, scientific research and international projects. GOSB Technopark is one of the most prominent industrial zones in Türkiye that is totally investing based innovation center. GOSB Technopark mostly provides infrastructural (Electricity, water, waste water, natural gas and communication) and authorization services (reconstruction, environment, petition samples) within the framework of projects of both government and cooperative sectors. The main mission of the GOSB Technopark is to support the production processes of industrialists with value-added projects, by prioritizing the needs of the society and respecting the environment, based on leading approach. GOSB Technopark makes the following commitments to their participants, who have an important place in the national and international market, in order to provide uninterrupted and high-level service with the processes they have established by ensuring the security of all kinds of information in a manner to give priority to energy efficiency, which are high-quality, environment-friendly and in compliance with the OHS rules by acting in accordance with GOSB Technopark’s Strategic Plan, within the framework of GOSB Technopark’s vision. It has to be mentioned that over 100 companies (local and international) currently operate in GOSB Technopark. Innovation Management and TRIZ Institute (IMTI) was established in Baku. This organization provides academic training, academic publishing, consulting services, organization of scientific based conferences and moderating projects in different fields besides commercial activities. IMTI does not limit its services only in the local frame, but works with all over the world. One of the main goals of IMTI is to achieve innovative novelties in Caucasus region. The main mission of IMTI is to prepare plans, projects, systems design/development, and programs that will help the companies, institutions, and regions to develop international innovation capabilities. According to the activity of IMTI, in 2019-2023, five mutual strategic cooperation agreements were signed between IMTI and GenTRIZ LLC (USA), The Altshuller Instıtute for TRIZ Studies (USA), National Aviation Academy (Azerbaijan), Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (Azerbaijan) and Turnitin LTD (UK) and two other agreements with international research centers such as the School of Business and Economics, Loughborough University (UK), the Institute for Engineering Research and Publication (IFERP) of India . The mentioned agreements contain the whole improvement process of the industry, education, innovation and similar fields both in Azerbaijan and Caucasus. The Chairman of the Board of IMTI, Prof. Dr. Ali B. Kutvan emphasized, within the framework of university-industry-government cooperation, it is essential to work on adaptation of the local industry of Azerbaijan and Caucasus to the international level and to improve them regularly. In this matter, conducting research within the partnership with local and international institutes, research center is the highest priority. At the end of the signing, the parties wished success to each other in future projects within the framework of the memorandum.

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signed a memorandum

of cooperation

On June 16, Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ASOIU) and the Innovation Management and TRIZ Institute signed a memorandum of cooperation, solidifying their joint efforts in science innovation, scientific research, and international projects. The signing ceremony was attended by ASOIU's Rector, Prof. Dr. Mustafa Babanli, Chairman of the Board of Innovation Management and TRIZ Institute LLC,

Prof. Dr. Ali Kutvan, academic staff of the university,

and other guests.

Conference on 
Upholding Academic Integrity
in the age of AI

"Innovation Management and TRIZ Institute", "Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University" and "Turnitin" company will hold a conference on "Upholding academic integrity in the age of artificial intelligence".

A meeting with the heads of higher education institutions of Azerbaijan will be held in Baku with the participation of the delegation of "Turnitin" company for the South Caucasus, Central Asia and Eastern Europe regions in French-Azerbaijani University on May 30, 2023.

During the meeting, detailed discussions will be held on improving the quality of education in Azerbaijan and the role of "Turnitin" company here.

Innovation Management

and TRIZ Conference
2023, Baku

The main topic of the conference: "Innovation management and TRIZ/Theory of Inventive Problem Solving" Within the framework of the conference, worldwide innovation experts and academic researchers are expected to contribute to the conference with their presence and invaluable experiences.

For more information:


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About TRIZ



TRIZ stands for Теория Решения Изобретательских Задач, which can be translated into English approximately as the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving. TRIZ is regarded today as the most comprehensive, systematically adjusted invention knowledge and creative thinking methodology. According to TRIZ, problem-solving can be approached in a systematic and structured way, rather than relying on “Trial and Error” or the experience of individuals.

Our Vision



To contribute directly to the transformation of the region economies to "Innovation-Based Economy" and to achieve sustainable competitive advantage by conducting international researches, training programs, publications, and improving the management systems and to raise awareness and to arouse interest about TRIZ in the region.




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