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Innovation Management

and TRIZ Conference
2023, Baku

About TRIZ



TRIZ stands for Теория Решения Изобретательских Задач, which can be translated into English approximately as the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving. TRIZ is regarded today as the most comprehensive, systematically adjusted invention knowledge and creative thinking methodology. According to TRIZ, problem-solving can be approached in a systematic and structured way, rather than relying on “Trial and Error” or the experience of individuals.

Our Vision



To contribute directly to the transformation of the region economies to "Innovation-Based Economy" and to achieve sustainable competitive advantage by conducting international researches, training programs, publications, and improving the management systems and to raise awareness and to arouse interest about TRIZ in the region.




Explore trainings such as Innovation Management Program at IMTI and many other important trainings that we offer.

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